Sell up to 17,000 digital PC video
games and software products

With its extensive catalog & optional white label stores,
Nexway speeds your time to digital market

  • As an online retailer, content portal, value added reseller, or communications service provider; digital PC software titles and video games are attractive new products to add to your online business.
  • The specifics of digital goods markets present challenges to non-specialists. Obstacles you may face include the need for an attractive catalog, digital commerce technology, and marketing expertise. Acquiring and retaining digital customers present significant challenges unless you turn to a team of expert marketers.
  • With an online catalog that now surpasses 17,000 titles and a choice of optional white label store technologies, Nexway Merchant Webstore solutions enable online retailers to rapidly start selling premium digital PC video games and software products.


Leverage an exclusive catalog with over 17,000 premium downloadable PC video games and software products on demand.


With 13 years’ experience helping retailers sell digital PC software products and video games, Nexway has the managed e-commerce solution that fits your needs.


Trust the global network of skilled Nexway professionals to keep your digital business humming and optimized.

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17,000 downloadable pc video games and software products on demand

To best service our retailer customers and to provide a profitable indirect sales channel to our publisher customers, we have assembled one of the world’s broadest catalogs of digital PC video games and software products that now includes over 17,000 premium titles.


    The video game section of the catalog is second to none in offering the latest, hottest casual games, serious games, core games, and educational games from the world’s leading publishers.


    The PC software section of the catalog is kept up-to-date with the latest titles from the world’s top software vendors, including Microsoft™ and Adobe™, with whom Nexway has entered into digital distribution agreements.


    The Nexway Digital Catalog communicates publishers’ trade marketing initiatives (such as price promotions, pre-orders, suggested upsells and cross-sells, new product releases, and more) to your store. This lets you optimize your store merchandizing and boost your sales.

4 flexible managed e-commerce solutions
to meet your specific needs

For online retailers, content portals, value added resellers, and communications services providers looking to sell digital PC software products and video games, Nexway offers four flexible managed e-commerce solutions:

  1. Nexway Digital Catalog Web Service
  2. Nexway Merchant Cart
  3. Nexway Shop-in-Shop
  4. Nexway Merchant Storefront


For companies with an existing checkout and payment solution, the Nexway Digital Catalog Web Service reliably handles digital catalog management, order management and electronic fulfillment.

The “plug-and-sell” digital commerce solution is widely adopted by established online merchants with their own e-commerce platform who want to rapidly launch a download business.


The solution suits editorial businesses wanting to monetize their premium content with downloadable PC software and video games for sale on their website.

Nexway lets you link into shopping carts we manage, closely resembling your website, and we handle the rest for you.

You are up and running fast, and quickly start earning money on every digital product sold by your branded Nexway carts.


We offer our exclusive catalog combined with a turnkey single page white label digital store.

This solution is ideal for e-commerce generalists who want to rapidly launch a full section of their store dedicated to digital games or software.


Upon request, Nexway can also combine its exclusive catalog of 17,000 PC software product and video game titles with a comprehensive multi-page turnkey white label digital storefront.

The solution is fit for enterprise clients seeking an end-to-end digital store.

230 online RETAILERs rely on Nexway to thrive in the booming digital economy


Guido Sigone

“With our new Nexway-enabled gaming digital store, our customers now buy games as a digital download and can instantly start enjoying their digital purchase.

Our digital offering is attractive due to the scope of the gaming catalog proposed by Nexway.

Nexway also ensures that customers enjoy a quality digital fulfillment, and provides outstanding support to our customers. We are able to reach new customers, and provide them with a complete catalog.”

Guido Sigone IT E-Marketing Web ManagerGameStop
Daniel Eder

“Nexway has been a fantastic partner to work with as we transitioned our white label download store from a legacy e-commerce platform over to the cloud-based Nexway Platform. Working under tight deadlines, the Nexway team delivered a high performance white label download storefront for Softwareload, letting us rapidly return our download business to profit.”

Daniel EderSenior Expert Program ManagementSoftwareload Deutsche Telekom AG
Marcos Souza

“Nexway’s solidly implanted presence in the country and extensive digital PC software catalog was key to Baixaki’s choice of Nexway as a digital partner in Brazil”

Marcos SouzaCFO and COOBaixaki - No Zebra Network
Gaël de Robien

“Successful subscription offerings combine a distinctive value proposition and a qualitative customer experience. The expertise of the Nexway Subscription Team has been key to raising the commitment of our video game players to our brand, all while lowering their churn rate over time.”

Gaël de RobienVice President of PC GamesOrange

Learn more about Nexway Merchant Webstore solutions.

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