Engineered to turn PC customers
into cross-device subscribers

The Nexway Cloud Platform for Cross-Device E-Commerce of Digital Products

To support its full-service digital goods e-commerce solutions, Nexway develops and operates an innovative cloud platform that lets publishers and retailers market, sell and service digital products through traditional Web interfaces as well as within game, app, and software interfaces themselves.


    The Nexway platform was designed from the ground up to enable user-centric e-commerce that converts PC customers into cross-device subscribers.

    Completing its unique cross-device commerce capabilities, the platform offers a comprehensive set of best-in-class e-commerce features that include catalog management, promotions management, upsells and cross-sells, interstitials, MVT and A/B testing, subscription and recurring billing management, global payments and fraud prevention, download management, performance dashboards, and more.


    Nexway is unique in offering a cloud-based omni-channel digital commerce platform with support for publisher stores (both in-app stores and browser-based stores) and merchant stores (both Android™ app stores and browser-based stores).


    Nexway gives your marketing team the insight and the control levers they need to continuously optimize your online marketing and sales processes. Your team and the Nexway services team work together on boosting your sales, increasing your return on investment, and enhancing your customer experience.


    The Nexway cloud platform is extendable. Developed using rigorous service-orientation principles, it exposes its digital commerce and subscription management capabilities as standards-based online APIs. Nexway leverages those APIs to integrate with key 3rd party marketing tools. This allows your team (or the Nexway Digital Agency) to manage select marketing tasks using best-in-class 3rd party tools.

Learn how the Nexway Platform turns PC customers into cross-device subscribers.

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