White Label Nexway Appstore Live on Kurio Children’s Tablets Around the World this Holiday Season

Digital commerce provider supports fast deployment of feature-rich white label children’s Android™ app store with strong parental control features.

NANTERRE, France and SAN FRANCISCO, California (November 29, 2013) – Digital commerce provider Nexway announced that Kurio™ children’s tablets on sale around the world this holiday season will all sport a feature-packed, childproof white label Nexway Appstore™ on their welcome screen. Developed by Nexway and KD Interactive™, the immersive Android™ app store allows children to safely purchase a selection of over five hundred premium apps and games using a prepaid piggy bank that is managed by their parents. The tablet allows parents to access the Kurio children’s app store via a distinct parental login to manage their children’s app consumption. Parents can create store accounts for each child and deposit funds into their own “piggy bank”, enabling them to browse, buy and download their own apps using the piggy bank money without the worry of overspending. Parents can also set maximum spending allowances by week or month. Children can purchase apps directly using their piggy bank or add them to their wish list, so their parents can approve or refuse the purchase at a later time.

“It was essential for us to create an environment that empowers children while allowing parents to control their children’s actions”, says Eric Wolff, CEO of KD Interactive.

The exclusive parental control system also ensures that only age-appropriate apps and content are displayed to children of a specific age.

“A turnkey managed solution by the digital commerce leader who powers some two hundred of the world’s most successful digital merchants – including Softwareload™, Gamesload™, Türk Telekom™, Orange™, Pão de Açucar™, and many more, Nexway Appstore™ allows forward-thinking device manufacturers, communication service providers, publishers, and online merchants to rapidly deploy their own profitable, feature rich, branded Android™ app store”, says Gilles Ridel, Nexway Founder and CEO.

Kurio™’s global sales reached nearly 500,000 units in 2012 and are expected to surpass 900,000 units in 2013. The US market represents 70% of Kurio™ tablet sales, which are distributed by leading US retailers that include Walmart™, Toys “R” Us™ and Best Buy™. With the new Nexway managed digital commerce solution, Kurio™ may now rely on recurring apps revenue to supplement one-time tablet sales revenue of $149 per unit for its seven-inch version.

About Nexway

Nexway (www.nexway.com) is a leading provider of global managed e-commerce solutions for publishers and online retailers of downloadable PC software products, PC video games and Android™ apps. The company’s white label online stores, in-app stores and app stores boost revenue of digital software products, video games, and apps with purchase, freemium, trial, subscription and item sales revenue models. Nexway is based in Nanterre, France and has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Morocco, Poland, Switzerland, and Japan. Leading companies who rely on Nexway include retailers Orange™, Yahoo! Japan™, Kurio™, Softwareload™, Best Buy™, Pão de Açucar™, and Amazon™ and publishers Kaspersky™, IMSI®/Design, Adobe™, SEGA™, Electronic Arts™, ESET™ and AVAST Software™.

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